We are a small translation company, offering technical translations in language directions EN>SL and DE>SL, and related services. A narrow specialization enables us to provide the best possible quality while our small size keeps us flexible, price-competitive, and able to meet your specific needs. This has served us well since the start of the company in 2005 and we now work with clients from all over the world.


Our philosophy is simple: We provide quality translations in a dependable and optimized way. Translation quality is first and foremost, but we also never miss a deadline and try to optimise our communication with you in a way that wastes as little of your time as humanly possible. Translation industry is just that: an industry, and handling unnecessary e-mails takes time that you could profitably use to handle more projects.


Years of active experience in the industry give us a good overview of your needs, both from technology and standardisation standpoints. We are technologically well-equipped and continuously update our CAT software and QA tools. Our services are structured in a way that makes it simpler for you to achieve standards compliance, always transparent, and with well-documented workflow steps. We also use a well thought-out two-tiered system of backups with heavily encrypted offsite storage, keeping your data safe and confidential.


We offer the following services:


 • Translations from EN or DE into SL for technical texts

 • Independently proofed translations from EN or DE into SL for technical texts

 • Proofing of SL documents

 • Related services (PDF checking, translation quality assessments, UI translations, etc.)

 • Consulting (workflows, CAT tools, QA, project management)


Our toolbox is uncluttered but versatile, enabling us to take on almost any project. CAT Tools




SDL Trados Studio 2017 is where we do most of our work. It is downwards compatible with SDL Trados Studio versions down to 2009 (not included). We keep it always updated.

memoQ is another popular tool, we use it as a secondary tool on client request. We keep it always updated.

We are also happy to try any other CAT tool you need, like Passolo and custom/in-house CAT solutions. Just ask.

QA Tools


All CAT tools provide some level of QA, but we also own dedicated QA software to ensure a consistent and documented workflow:

Verifika is a very modern, handy, and fast QA tool.

QA Distiller is a bit older by concept, but a very versatile and thorough QA tool.

Of course and as always: If you need anything else, just let us know.

Franci Kopač, MSc The translator Metka Golčman The editor/proofer

Franci is an electronics engineer with a master's degree from University in Ljubljana. He started translating as a freelancer during his studies in the year 1998 for an additional source of income. As he finished his studies in 2005, he decided to leverage his rich translation experience and continue his work as a full-time translator instead of moving on to electronics R&D.


In his free time he is still designing electronics and actually lives in a smart house he designed himself, brewing his own beer and making all sorts of things (latest project: homebrew e-bike).

Metka started her proofing career in 2004 during her studies. She finished them in the year 2009 with bachelor's degrees in both Slovenian language and sociology from University in Ljubljana. She's been working as a full-time proofer/editor ever since.


She is also a sommelier, Pilates instructor, nutritionist and spends most of her free time in a gym.

Working hours: E-mail: Phone: Address: VAT ID:

weekdays from 9 to 17 CET, closed on weekends

+386 41 737 977

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